One of the most interesting endeavours till date, GIHED was our way of targeting the literal heart of the construction industry in the state. The Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers is one of the biggest reasons why Gujarat is one of the hottest hubs for real estate in the entire country. Through intense study and constant research, GIHED has established itself as a one-stop destination for all real estate and housing related endeavours in the state. In the case of GIHED, we were responsible for establishing the aluminium "skeleton" or foundation of the Builder's Association Office. The entire project was of about 3,722 sq. ft in totality, making it one of our major endeavours till date.

Dr. Vikram Shah's Bungalow

This was another interesting project that helped us expand our boundaries of innovation even further. Dr. Vikram Shah, the owner of Shalby Hospital, wanted to build a posh bungalow for himself and his family, complete with lush green exteriors and lawns, and beautifully carved rustic interiors. In this case, it was our responsibility to create an entire façade foundation for the majestic windows that formed a large part of the perimeter of the house. We played a major role in the development of this masterpiece of construction, a bringer of pride for our own products and quality commitment.

Simandhar City

A hub of spiritual value and divinity, Simandhar City is a specially created township for families and individuals who have dedicated themselves to the studying and preaching the science of Akram Vignan, or the science of the Self. The township has been especially erected to create a haven for "mahatmas" or self-realized individuals, who want to follow the path that has been set up by enlightened masters such as Pujya Dadashri, Pujya Niruma, Pujya Deepak Bhai. This project involved us being a part of the creation of an entire realm, a whole township consisting of various important structures such as hospitals, schools, studio homes, and much more. This was a project that can only be described as a wonderful learning experience that we have carried with us till date.

Takshashila Air

This was one of our most prominent and promising projects till date, owing to the fact that it is the tallest building in the entire city. Takshashila Air, near Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad, has been created in light of the Patronus Twin Towers of Malayasia. Complete, with a Sky Deck in between both the towers and a huge façade system on all sides of the towers, the project had us create a true masterpiece that exuded the artistic quality of this construction endeavour undertaken by Miraj Impex Pvt. Ltd. The Sky Deck and the window facades were created with utmost care and intricate detail in order to provide a breathtaking outlook of the Sabarmati riverfront. This is one of our most ambitious projects till date, an aspect that we will always treasure.