1. Is maintaining Aluminium doors and windows a terrible job?

Plectra Aluminium windows and doors are so well crafted that they are maintenance friendly. A small opening is provided in the panels so that the water collected in rainy days can be quickly drained out. The windows and doors are air tight keeping the dust outside and making it sound & waterproof. Hence, making it easily maintainable.

2. Is Plectra aluminium durable?

Yes, Plectra aluminium is a highly durable substance which can be easily moulded in any design without being hampered. The windows and doors can be made of tremendous heights without getting any bend. The products are breakage free and strong making them highly reliable and safe.

3. Does Plectra provide any colours for its aluminium windows and doors?

Plectra provide you with Indian made International products by offering you various choices of colours from the RAL colour scheme. The RAL colour scheme is recognised all over the world. Plectra ensure uniformity with international colour coding.

4. Is the product rust free?

Plectra aluminium is the purest form of aluminium which is corrosion free. Also, aluminium itself forms a layer of protection when exposed to outside air.

5. What safety measures are available in Plectra Aluminium Systems?

Plectra Aluminium Systems come with a multi-locking system which doubles the security. The multi-locking system adds multiple locks in the aluminium panel. It ranges from four to sixteen. Additionally, guiding bolts are installed with the locking system to ensure a long life of the locks. Hence, keeping the security high and making them burglary proof.

6. What types of glasses can be installed for long time purposes?

Plectra customise the panels as per the customers' needs. The windows and doors are available in single or double glazing or laminated glasses too. It is tested at different climatic conditions to ensure proper safety and security. It helps to keep out the outside heat and cold out and gives a comfortable living. Various designs and patterns are available as per client's preference.

7. What technology is used to join two parts?

Plectra Industries promises to provide the best. Plectra use a unique process to join two parts. They are beautifully joined without the utilisation of any nut and bolt, making them so tightly attached that they look like one piece. This makes them robust and unbreakable for a lifetime.