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Plectra Industries, the pioneer Aluminium System Company in India provides you with an extensive range of Aluminium windows, doors, sliding systems and façade systems. Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Plectra operates under PAN-India. The company belongs to the House of Dharti Buildcon Group of Companies, known for its excelled contribution in the Real Estate Segment. Plectra is equipped with the series of best German-made machinery from ELUMATEC, German. For achieving the World class standards in quality production, the company operates from ORGADATA-LOGIKAL software.

The company innovatively crafts and tests all the products in every climatic condition to ensure security and comfort along with design and beauty. The use of best quality imported aluminium ensures a long life of the product keeping it corrosion free and easily maintainable. The use of 24 accessories in one system gives the product a complete international standard.

Plectra follows RAL COLOR scheme to ensure colour uniformity with international colour coding. It provides a healthier living environment by offering environmental friendly systems which are maintenance free too. Plectra is a One Stop Design Solution for all your requirements.

Plectra Industries is well constructed and spread over 1 Lac square feet land area, including 60000 square feet factory area. It appoints well trained and skilled staffs, which are supervised by a professional management team at each level of business. Proper safety measures and medical amenities are installed at the factory for staff security. The customised uniform is specially made for the staff working in the company, easing their job with no risk of mishappenings.

Additionally, with quality assurance, Plectra Industries provides the best after sales facilities to its clients. It ensures the development of a strong bond between the customers and the team for future commitments from both ends.

Achieving new heights day by day with its innovative products, Plectra Industries is the Indian made Brand with International Quality Assurance.


To meet the clients' requirements by furnishing them with their desired product made with best quality and precision.


To become the most valuable Aluminium System Company enhancing the lifestyle of people through its unique products, innovative concepts and customer satisfaction.

Plectra Core Values

Client's Satisfaction- To satisfy our clients in every possible way by inculcating their ideas and providing them with the desired product.
Environment-Friendly- To process in an efficient way without causing any harm to our environment and making the customers' living healthier.
Assured Quality- To assure that all the quality standards are implemented in every practice and process of the company.
Innovation- To keep experimenting and producing innovative, desirable products meeting the needs of customers and the market.
Dedication- To work passionately, committing our self towards the customers' needs and increasing the brand value of the company.


Our purpose of existence is to bridge the gap between sustainability and innovation in the aluminium crafting industry. Through our products, we aim to set a standard in the industry as far as product design and quality is concerned. During each and every project that we undertake, our main aim is to understand the client and their requirements, in order to ensure that our creation is a precise reflection of their needs and aspirations. Our work speaks for us, but we take the extra care of giving it a powerful voice.

Quality Policy

Each and every product that we create is immersed into the cleansing fires of our quality department, where only the most perfectly crafted pieces survive. Not even the slightest shortcoming escapes the eyes of our quality technicians. Moreover, we take full responsibility of our products as well as the efficiency and capabilities that they provide to the clients. To ensure that our product specifications and overall quality is maintained, the products we provide 5 year as well as 10 year warranties for our clients.

Bussiness Philosophy

At Plectra Industries, we consider our clients as more than mere opportunities for revenue generation and business proliferation. For us, each and every client is a learning experience waiting to be captured and experienced. Hence, without client satisfaction, our company would not even have the spirit of innovation and constant progression as its core values. According to these lines, our business philosophy is as follows:

The client is here to help us, as much as we are here to help them.


Our commitment is to ensure the highest quality of products and services, while leaving enough freedom for the client to have an intimate role in the creation process. We have also committed ourselves to a constant quest for innovation and progression in each and every product that we craft and design. For us, each and every client and product is a chance to explore a new and undiscovered avenue of creation.

Plectra Team

Shri R P Patel, CMD, Plectra

Being the prime investor of a company that is constantly changing and expanding its horizons into newer territories and avenues of exploration is not an easy job. However, no one does it better in our experience than Shri R. P. Patel. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Dharti Apollo Industrial Park. From a humble background, he rose through the professional ranks of the company owing to his indomitable entrepreneurial spirit. He has helped us see through numerous projects by channelling funds into our endeavours, especially when the need was the highest. A man without whom our growth and progress would have stopped before our most notable milestones were even touched, Shri R. P. Patel is a respected and important part of the team at Plectra.

Shri Amitbhai R Patel, Director for Entire Operations

"Operations" is one of the most important aspects of a business or an organization, owing to the fact that it is the very framework on which the internal processes and systems of the organization are created. With immense emphasis on flexibility and constant progression, Amitbhai has been a powerful asset for Plectra Industries by holding the reins of the Operations department through thick and thin. He has a post-graduate degree in Construction and has also explored academic realms such Economics and Civil Engineering. With the main focus on Sales Purchase Accounting, he is a man without whom the company would start falling apart, owing to the fact that he is responsible for keeping the wheels turning, and the accelerator revving.

Shri Bhargavbhai Patel, Director for Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehousing

The Director of Logistics, Supply Chain and Warehousing for Plectra Industries needs to know the nitty-gritty of how the gears turn. With a modest educational background, Bhargavbhai Patel has grown with the industry and knows the various intricacies of distribution, warehouse management, and supply chain management. He is a man who can be trusted with the life of the company, because he is essentially responsible for channelling the lifeforce that the company runs on, namely product distribution, transport, inventory management and so on.

Smt. Aanalben B. Patel Director – Sales & Marketing

With an unlikely educational background as a Master of Pharmacy, Aanalben B. Patel is the voice and persona of Plectra Industries. She is the very channel through which Plectra Industries has been able to establish itself internationally, especially as far as mergers, acquisitions and exploration of new consumer bases are concerned. Being a head of Sales and Marketing is not an easy task, but Aanalben somehow fulfils her duties with grace and confidence that is rarely seen in the industry.

Our essence and our commitment towards our craft is defined to a large extent by the relationship that we share with our group of companies. We take our associations seriously and have modelled our relationships in such a way that they reflect our philosophy and outlook towards our work: stable, sustainable and novel in more ways than one. Some of the main groups we are associated with are as follows:

Sky India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

A subsidiary of Plectra Industries, Sky India Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is one of the major tributaries through which the river of our craft and our work flows. It is a real estate company that has established itself in the market as a name to reckon with. They have established a complete empire of commitment and conviction in segments such as Townships, Commercial complexes, Multiple Residential areas, Resorts, Industrial Projects, and more. Sky India Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has opened numerous gateways for our own business to flourish in several segments of construction and real estate, which have been considerably fruitful for us.

One of the major projects which we have been able to work owing to the opportunities that Sky India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd has made available for us is the Dharti Apollo Industrial Park. It is one of the most sophisticated and intricately designed industrial complexes of its kind. It is a government-approved space for factory owners, created out of high-end infrastructure and benchmark economical land rates.

Dharti Buildcon Pvt. Ltd

A company that has its focus set on completely redefining the construction industry through the use of innovative techniques and approaches. Their business philosophy is restrain themselves from taking any kind of shortcuts or "easy-ways-out". Some of the essential elements that the company has integrated into its approach towards the field of property building and construction include ensuring non-dithering quality, benchmark customer satisfaction, uncompromising business ethics, and unparalleled engineering capabilities. With over 27 projects, across numerous segments such as hostels, resorts, bungalows, commercial units, industrial parks, and townships, Dharti Buildcon Pvt. Ltd has earned its reputation through toil and cutting-edge efficiency.