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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the leading Aluminium Facade Industry based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and operating PAN-India.
Plectra is the Product Innovation from the house of Dharti Buildcon Group of Companies excelled in Real Estate segment and having successfully completed Multiple Residential, Commercial, Township, Industrial and Resort projects.
Plectra is spread across 1 Lac square feet total land area which includes 60,000 square feet factory area having all advance facility and amenities....

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Tue Oct 11

Opening of Sales & Marketing Office

Plectra Launches New website and Opening of Sales & Marketing Office

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Sun Feb 15

Plectra Facade Factory Opening

Opening of Manufacturing facilities of Plectra Facade

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  • The experience of working with Plectra for the creation of my Bungalow was awe-inspiring to say the least. I do not mean to sound really artsy, but by watching my entire bungalow being built from scratch was like watching my own infant grow and develop. I must say that Plectra Industries have handled my child very well, with the required amount of sensitivity as well as robustness. Not even a single day goes by when I do not take out a bit of time to appreciate the beautiful façade that has been set up at the periphery of the house, with the wonderful view that it provides and the beautiful way in which it lets just the right amount of light come into the room.

    Dr. Vikram Shah (Owner of Shalby Hopsital)
  • The services as well as the products provided by Plectra were amazing and efficient as far as utility and elegance is concerned. Firstly, the search for a proper façade system as well as a tilt and turn system for my home was getting hectic and cumbersome. But, once I stumbled upon the profile of Plectra industries, I just knew I was at the right place for my requirements. Secondly, the professional mode of installation as well as the adherence to quality, punctuality and courtesy by the technicians of the company was brilliant. I have found my one-stop solution for all my façade, door and window requirements.

    Dr. Chirag Desai (Doctor at Apollo Hospital)
  • When I started JBR Club, I knew that I would need a powerful foundation for the establishment that I wanted to build. However, I never expected such a wonderful opportunity to fall into my lap. The façade systems along with the wonderful sliding door systems that Plectra provided for the club gave us the extra edge as far as the construction of the vast complex was concerned. These systems gave us the required boost in terms of class as well as utility. Without these systems, the club would have never become what it has today, something which I am truly thankful to Plectra industries for.

    Vinit Agarwal (Owner of JBR Group)
  • Plectra products are made by best quality aluminium, imported from international markets. It uses Virgin Aluminium T6 Alloy 6063 which increases the durability of the goods.
  • The refined product is tested at extreme levels practically, to check all the variants like wind pressure, heat, sound and fire, etc.
  • The system made is operated on single or double track with a facility to customise it till four tracks as per the customers' needs.
  • Plectra provides with a secured multi-locking facility in its system to ensure the double safety of its clients. The locks made are guiding bolts which provide increased lifeline of the locks.
  • Plectra provides a small opening in its systems which helps in draining out the water collected due to rains, easing the maintenance for the customers.
  • Each system is made up of a set of 24 Accessories making it an international quality product.
  • Plectra windows and doors come with burglary proof, sound proof, fire proof, air tight systems.
  • The system is made by using pressure to join two parts making it joint less and hence, a lifetime guarantee of quality.
  • Varieties of glasses are used in the system as per the client's requirement. The glasses used are made such that they are breakage free.
  • They provide end to end customer support and a high after sales service even after the sales.

Plectra offer an exciting opportunity to the dealers through Plectra Dealership Program (PDP). Plectra Dealership Program provides the merchants to join hands with Plectra and avail the quality products and facilities. It is constructed in a way that it benefits the dealers along with the company. The main aim is to widen the spread of the premium quality products made by Plectra and make everyone acquainted with Indian made international feel product. Additionally, the dealers are appreciated, increasing the goodwill of both.

The dealers are required to take part in the program to avail exciting dealership opportunities and experience a whole new face of the industry. The program also encourages the young individuals by providing them training about the industry so that they can promote the company in a better way. The dealers can make the best out of this program by grabbing the best-suited opportunity for their business.

Enrol yourself today and be a part of India's pioneer Aluminium System Company. For enrolling in the program, the dealers are supposed to send their details at the following email address.

Particulars Plectra Aluminium Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)
Flexible Plectra Aluminium can be easily crafted in a thin sheet or panel without any difficult uPVC faces difficulty in getting into small panels due to its composition.
Life Span Plectra Aluminium is Internationally acquired aluminium in its purest form having a minimum durability of 30 years. uPVC products start degrading over years and lasts maximum 15-20 years.
Colour Plectra Aluminium can be coated with any desired colour without spoiling the properties of the raw material. uPVC have restricted colours that can be coated on it.
Cost Plectra Aluminium is a highly expensive raw material as it is acquired from international markets. uPVC is mistaken to be costly but is a cheap substance which is degraded with time.
Thermal Conductivity Plectra Aluminium is a heat-resistant material which gives comfort from the outside heat and provides a pleasant living environment. uPVC loses its identity after a particular time and can be hazardous to health also.

Plectra Aluminium in itself is superior quality aluminium which is imported from international markets. The ordinary aluminium is locally gathered and has approximately 50% impurities in comparison to Plectra aluminium. Plectra aluminium costs 500 to 600 rupees per square feet whereas the ordinary aluminium just costs 40 to 50 rupees. This price difference in itself reflects the quality variance of both the substance. Additionally, Plectra aluminium can be trusted blindly for better security and utility.